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South Africa Quick Facts


Location: Southern tip of the African continent         map


Population: 79.5% Native (black)

                  9.2% White (English/Afrikaans)

                  8.9% Coloured (mixed race)

                   2.5% Indian/Asian


Religions: 11.1% Zion Christian

                 8.2% Pentecostal/Charismatic

                7.1% Catholic

                6.8% Methodist

                6.7% Dutch Reformed

                  3.8% Anglican

                  1.5% Muslim

                  39.7% Other

                  15% None


11 Official Languages including: English, Afrikaans, Zulu and Xhosa


Other facts: A booming tourist destination for its beaches and safaris. It is the home of Apartheid. Approximately 70% of the Zulu population has HIV/AIDS. South Africa has the 2nd highest occurrence of AIDS on the continent. Every minute, 2 South Africans die as a result of AIDS. There are over 600,000 AIDS orphans in South Africa.

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