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June Update

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WELCOME to my new blogspot!! I think this will make things much easier 🙂


How great is our God!!!

How great is our God!!!


The month of May went by extremely fast! The end of April until now has been filled with many ups and downs. I had the awesome opportunity of hiking the Grand Canyon April 29th through May 1st. I have never been so amazed by God’s creation. The first sight of the canyon literally took my breath away! The hike to the bottom took us through some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever experienced. “How Great Thou Art” was playing in my mind over and over, and each new view made it impossible to ignore the awesomeness of our Creator! My mind was so fixed on the greatness of God, that the 37 pound backpack I was carrying didn’t seem so heavy! We spent the night at the bottom, and woke up the next morning to wait for the rest of our group that was planning to hike to the bottom and back out all in one day. 

That was when we recieved the news that three of the boys coming down had decided to try and swim across the Colorado River. The current was much too strong, and all three were swept away. While the park rangers looked for the boys on foot, in boats and from the air, the rest of us were left to wait and pray that the boys had made it to safety. We encouraged one another with Scripture and song, and when hours had passed without any sign of the boys, we were flown in groups, by helicopter, back out to the rim. I had never met two of the boys, and only vaguely knew the third, and yet I found myself crying with their friends and family, and holding people in my arms that I barely knew while they tried to understand God’s plan. It is hard to describe the peace that we all felt in the midst of the unknown. Two days later, one of the boys was found in the water.  It wasn’t until two weeks later that the other boys were found. As hard as it was to learn that they had not survived. We rejoice that Joey and Mark Merrill, and Saif Savaya are now home with their Savior.  Please continue to pray for their families, and that God will use what the world would call a tragedy, to bring people to Him.

All the children, teens and staff of SEVBC rehearsing for Promotion Sunday.

All the children, teens and staff of SEVBC rehearsing for Promotion Sunday.

The rest of May has been a whirlwind of prefield ministry, church ministry and working at a local doggie daycare. I was able to send out around 60 packets to individuals, and have already recieved some one time gifts, as well as two new committed monthly supporters! Praise God! I’ve been busy working with the youth group at South East Valley Baptist Church, and am excited for VBS to start next week! I have been placed in charge of the puppet team, as well as being a teacher for the pre-primary class. Please pray that we can make this summer’s VBS fun for all, and that many kids will come out to hear about how much Jesus loves them.

Lord willing, I will be heading to North Carolina for a much needed vacation from June 26th through July 5th. I’m still looking for a church that I might be able to present in that first Sunday. If any of you have contacts at or near the Outer Banks, let me know! The rest of June will not only include some relaxing, and the start of VBS, but also the beginning of new things for our youth group. We will be splitting up the guys and girls for some different studies, as well as beginning a Bible memory program. I am excited to take on both of these tasks, and pray that these teens would have tender hearts towards God’s Word, and be willing to live for Him with a passion that can turn the world upside down!!

That’s all for now. I know this is a long one! Thanks for reading 🙂

In His Love,


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